Traits of a Man that Women Find Hard to Resist

There are times when women are very hard to understand. Therefore, it can be hard to picture what their ideal man is. If you wonder how you can win a woman’s heart, here are some traits of a man that women find hard to resist:

- Masculinity

Having masculinity means possessing qualities such as nobility, courage, and bravery. It is easy to see why smart women cannot resist this.

- Being Responsive to Her Needs

Women do not merely focus on how men fit in their world. They care more about how men give attention to their particular needs. Suppose a man gets easily upset because she interrupts him or causes a slight inconvenience. In that case, she will look for someone who is not selfish enough to share her life and feelings with.

- Having a Good Sense of Humor

When going out for the first time, a funny joke is an effective icebreaker. Nevertheless, telling too many jokes might not impress her. She might see you as someone not to be taken seriously. If you have a good sense of humor, this is a very positive trait. That is because many women see this as a quality of high level of intelligence.

- Caring and Attentive

All people love to be given attention and care. Women see men who take care of and pay attention to them as great fathers for their future children.

- Being Passionate about Other Things

Women love men who do not consider their relationship as the only interest. They prefer men who are passionate about other things that do not involve them. Therefore, a woman does not like a man who gets angry when she makes a plan without him. It can give the impression that he severely lacks ambition.

- Determined and Energetic

Some believe that men should decide on what is better for the relationship. Moreover, some women do not like to be held responsible for their decisions, so they want a spirited and lazy man. If you want to be irresistible with women, you ought to be enthusiastic and ambitious.

- Generous

Showing generosity does not only mean money. For instance, you can be generous with her when giving attention. You can show this by making your special girl feel good about herself. Another way is being more generous in showing love and positive feelings.

- Romantic

Many women find it hard not to fall for a romantic man. This kind of man makes them feel like life is a celebration, and they feel much love all the time.

- Taking Good Care of Appearance

Women find men who take care of their appearance and body. Even though physical appearance is not their priority in dating men, it cannot be denied that physical attraction is a factor in a relationship. Intimacy can dwindle significantly if a man does not try to work out or practice basic grooming.

- High Emotional Intelligence

This means not adding insult to injury, such as telling a woman, “I told you so,” after proving a point. Instead, you let the issue pass as if nothing like that happened. Women do not like men who make them feel like they are bad people because of their mistakes. They want someone who has a high level of emotional intelligence.

- Unique Personality

Women tend to fall for someone who is unlike anyone else they have met. This gives them the feeling that their partner is the one and only. Moreover, it is easier for them to fall in love with a man who stands out.

- Dependable

It is not assured that relationships are going to last for a long time. Nevertheless, a woman can have faith in the relationship if she sees that you are someone she can depend on.

- Understanding

Many women have days when they just want someone to understand them without the need to explain their thoughts and emotions. That is why they want someone who makes them feel comfortable. When you are together, she feels cozy and warm.

- Good Manners

This trait is one of the most common traits women look for. However, some women feel like real gentlemen do not exist anymore. If you can prove your special lady wrong by showing etiquette, you have a greater advantage compared to other men.

- Intelligent

Being intelligent does not mean having an above-average IQ. If you are wise and fair when it comes to making decisions, you can be seen as a responsible family man. Women like it when they know they can relax and depend on men’s decisions.

- Confident

Instead of always looking for approval for things that they do, men who are confident enough with their actions are appreciated by women. This does not mean that you should not open up to her about major life decisions you are making, especially if you think her opinion matters. It is more on not having the need to ask for her permission for everything that you do. If you do not show enough independence, she might see you as someone too clingy.

- Calm

Another trait women love is staying cool and calm during an argument. No matter how bad the confrontation is, you should not judge, insult, or be violent towards her. A calm man wants to talk all the problems out without the need to attack. She can walk out easily if you show anger when provoked slightly. You have to keep in mind that she always looks out for her safety.

- Appreciative

Men who are not consumed with work and always make time usually make women feel special. If you are the type who cannot turn from work away, it will be difficult to express your love and appreciation to your girl. As a result, she might not receive the attention and love she deserves from you.


Many changes have occurred in what women expect from their men. Even though there have been differences with these expectations, one thing is certain. These traits of men are what women see as true definitions of a man.



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