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Online Dating Polish Women - Things You Should Know

Polish women can easily be found among the most beautiful on this planet. The fine mixture of their faces plus the high-grade education and their independence make them unique. Most men find them irresistible but don´t know how to go on a date with a Polish girl. Read on and find out what they like so you can make the right move at the right time.

Intelligence and beauty

Beautiful Polish women are not just a pretty face; they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. They love to cultivate their looks and intellect in the same way, in fact, most Polish girls you meet will have at least a university degree. They look in the man they are dating a similar quality, so don´t be afraid of showing her what you know about the world and your passions, they will definitely welcome your knowledge and insights.

Dressing to impress

Gorgeous Polish women like most Europeans are used to the high-end clothing. They love a man who has a sense of good taste and wears beautiful pieces of apparel. For example, a good tailored suit is going to be very welcome on their side just like a nice button shirt with a perfect-fitting pair of jeans and shoes can be a killer combination to go out with her on a fancy dinner a Friday night. Don´t dress too casually or you´ll be considered to be underdressed or not caring about her enough. A plain t-shirt, old jeans and sneakers will not do it with them, style it up!

Watch it for the beard

If you date beautiful Polish women you will know that they are much more into the two-day beard look than into the baby-face look. You can even go for the full-on hipster look and grow a big on that reaches the base of your neck. Whatever you do, just don´t show up for that first date with a fresh just-shaved look, instead try to have some manly beard that will make you more sensual and desirable for her.

Flirt but don´t be a cheesy guy

When you are dating Polish girls you have to know that they love to be said beautiful things, receive compliments and be flirted with, but don´t want to be with a cheesy guy. You have to walk the thin ice of saying beautiful but smart things to her so you can win her heart and her brain. Be creative and make compliments about the way she looks but also about who she is, what she likes and her intelligence. If you want to win her love, you have to escape clichés; put your brain to work for you and let her love you for it.

Charisma and fun go a long way

When you meet a beautiful Polish girl, you have to know that they love to laugh and have a great time. Show her your real charisma, make her laugh, be charming and smile looking at her eyes. They love a man with a sense of humor that brings joy to her life and that can sincerely smile, irradiating good vibes. Charisma is very important, especially in your first dates, do not underestimate it and use it in your favor.


What you need to date a gorgeous Polish is not to be someone special or to do a superhuman effort, but to be yourself. These are the things that a Polish girls look for in a man to fall in love, do you recognize yourself there? Let her know and go for her heart!

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