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Russian Dating 101: Top 10 Reasons to Date Russian Ladies

Long slender figures, cosmopolitan bodies, and tantalizing eyes are some of the top-notch traits you probably knew about Russian ladies. However, these women offer more than just exquisite physical attributes.

If you are thinking of finding a life partner from Eastern Europe, read on to find out why Russian ladies are worth considering.

1. Russian Women are Beautiful

One of the probable reasons why you are interested in dating a Russian woman in the first place is probably because of their exceptional beauty. In fact, they are believed to be among the most beautiful women across the globe. 

Hailing from the exquisite Slavic gene, Russian women feature slender bodies that give them supermodel looks. These ladies are essentially the epitome of the beauty of Eastern Europe. 

2.They are Strong and Feminine at The Same Time

Russian women are known for being determined and having a strong will. These women are also renowned for being family-oriented and are prized for their abilities to take care of their households. 

Due to their country's turbulent history, Russian women have grown to have internal inner strength that helps them cope during tough situations. They strive to improve their lives and they do not rely on a man to get them out of a difficult situation.

Furthermore, despite being strong and independent, Russian ladies have a feminine side, which makes them utterly admirable. In fact, they are considered to be more feminine than other women in the West countries.

3.They Have the Loveliest Eyes

Russian women have stunning eyes which contribute to their overall beauty and exceptional physical appearance. In Prague, you are bound to see women with either blue or green eyes. 

If you are a guy who is looking for a charming girl with gorgeous blue or green eyes, then a Russian female will definitely sweep you off your feet.

4.Good Fashion Taste

Something else that is striking about Russian girls is their exceptional sense of fashion. They love to wear skirts, high heels, and clothes that showcase their curves and splendid bodies.

Although they do not dress up seductively like the girls in Western countries, they know how to dress to impress their man. Thus, when you choose to date a beautiful Russian lady, be sure to always dress and look your best as well.

5.Gorgeous Faces

It is probably impossible to emphasize Russian women's beauty enough. Given that these women boast a combination of western European and Slavic traits, it is easy to see why they are the most beautiful women around the world. 

Russian ladies typically have prominent noses and long-shaped faces. They also have a medium-tone complexion which is a bit more tanned and toned than their Slavic counterparts. All of these attributes contribute to their beauty.

6.Most Russian women are Well-Versed in English Language

If you don't know the Russian language but you want to find a Russian female, you will be pleased to know that most of them are knowledgeable of the English language.

The Russian women's exceptional English skills not only allow them to communicate with foreigners but also fuels ample career opportunities for them. For this reason, language will not be a hindrance for you to date a stunning Russian woman.

7.Open to Using a Online Dating Sites 

If you are not living in Russia but you truly want to find a Russian lady who can be your lifelong partner, then you can make that happen by signing up to a trustworthy Russian dating site.

Many women in the country are open to the idea of meeting men through online dating apps. They are not put off by the thought of seeking relationships behind the computer screen. 

8.They are Naturally Athletic

If you are a fan of sports, you will be happy to know that there are a number of Russian women athletes to date. This is because Russian women are naturally sporty, love being active, and are big on outdoor adventures. 

9.Russian Women Brings a Balance of Western and Eastern Europe

Russian ladies offer a combination of traditionalism and austerity from Eastern Europe and a contemporary lifestyle stemming from West Europe. For this reason, Russian dating feels a lot more cordial and relatable.

Additionally, dating a Russian woman will feel less feminized compared to dating one from Western Europe. Therefore, there is no denying that they bring a perfect balance between Eastern and Western Europe.

10.Reasonable Cost of Living

Do you wish to pursue a Russian woman and you desire to move in with her in country's capital city, Moscow? If so, you can rest easy knowing that Moscow has reasonable costs of living. Thus, starting a new life with the woman of your dreams in the beautiful city of Russia will not break your bank. 


Russian women have all the traits to sweep any man off their feet. They are worth considering if you are looking forward to meet beautiful women with slender bodies from Eastern Europe.

Not only are they beautiful on the outside but also have feminine attributes that make them family oriented and capable of taking good care of their family. Thus, if you are hoping to find a lover whom you can settle down with, you might want to consider finding Russian singles that are also looking for love online. 

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