Signs You've Found Your Soulmate

Although most people may not believe in soulmates, everyone does love the idea of finding a perfect match, completely by accident! For most men, the idea of love and partners is heavily influenced by movies, books, and other media. However, finding love in your life can be drastically different from what you see on TV. This can be confusing to some people which is why it can be difficult to determine whether you have found your soulmate or not. Do not be worried, as there are a few signs you can check with to see if the person you love is destined to be with you or not.

1. You feel light-hearted around them.

The first sign may seem obvious, but it is undeniably true. If you suspect you have found your soulmate, chances are, you feel at peace around them the most. There are no feelings of insecurity or anxiety when they are around and you feel comfortable telling them anything. You also do not have to worry about saying the wrong thing and sparking up a fight when you are talking to them. This promotes a feeling of light-heartedness and serenity, which you tend to associate with your partner.

2. You can communicate without speaking.

Sometimes, when you form a deep, personal connection to someone, you can understand them without them saying anything. This is also true for your relationships where you can connect to someone emotionally, and mentally, instead of just physically. You can read their expressions, predict their responses, and figure out how they might feel about something just by thinking about them. This proves that you have a strong mental connection, and your bond is unbreakable. When you have found your soulmate, you will know you understand them deeply and they understand you just as well.

3. You just feel it in your gut.

No one can help you figure out if you have found your soulmate or not, other than yourself. This is because of a common saying, "when you know, you know." The saying applies well to finding a soulmate because you can physically feel the special connection in your gut. Once you meet your soulmate, there is no room for doubts and you know for sure you have found your person. At times like these, it can be helpful to trust your gut and move forward with the relationship, because you might end up with something truly wonderful.

4. You can handle conflict easily

If you are in a long-term relationship with someone, it is not possible to not have minor disagreements from time to time. However, these arguments do not have to have any effect on your relationship if you are sure your partner is your soulmate. The difference between these arguments and the ones other couples have is that you will not face any name-calling, blaming, accusing, or hurtful comments. Your soulmate is likely to be mindful of their words and not cause you any pain, even while you are arguing.

5. They are your best friend

Most long-term and lasting relationships started off as friendships. If your partner is also your best friend, you are likely to trust them and enjoy being with them more. Being friends with someone before getting to date them also allows you to know them on a deeper level and make sure they are exactly the kind of person you would want. After this, if you are convinced that your partner is your best friend even while you are dating them, it means they are your soulmate.

6. You are respectful towards each other

Boundaries are necessary for every relationship regardless of how long it has been going for. If your partner respects your wishes and makes sure you are comfortable with them, they are in it for the long term. You can also see if your partner is your soulmate by judging the way they react towards your flaws and achievements. A good partner is supportive and uplifting, and your soulmate would never put you down for something that is not your fault.

7. Your partner balances you out

Your soulmate does not need to be an exact copy of you, they can have their own likes and interests. They may also have different professions and not exactly have the same lifestyle as you. However, contrast is necessary for every relationship and it helps to have someone to balance out your life. If you are an extrovert that loves going out, your introverted partner may help you to take a break by spending time with them at home. Someone that is truly good for your mental wellbeing has huge chances of being your soulmate.

8. You have the same goals in life

Something that may cause a deep attraction towards another person, even when you are first meeting them, is knowing they share the same life goals as you. Everyone needs company on their journey through life and it can be delightful to know someone who has the same ambitions as you. If you think your partner and you share the same opinions on when to retire, start a family, go on vacations, and more, they may be the source of long-term happiness for you.

9. You trust them to have your back

A soulmate can always be trusted to give you their support no matter what. If you think you can count on your partner to always be there for you in any matter, they could be your soulmate. For this, you need to open yourself up to your partner and let them in on all your ambitions and weaknesses in life. This way, they can propel you forwards and help you in your personal development.

10. You both challenge each other

Having a strong relationship means that you both are aware of each other’s' strengths and weaknesses. A soulmate will try their best to lift you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to push forward to meet your goals. Your soulmate would never make you feel like you are not good enough for a challenge. They are also the person you count on to make you feel motivated and ready to tackle your problems. Your soulmate does not let you feel defeated no matter what the situation is.


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