Are You In Love? Signs To Look Out For If You Are

Even though falling in love is an exhilarating feeling, it is not what many people think it is going to be all the time. You have probably learned a lot growing up on what love is and the telltale signs that you are in love. Nevertheless, falling in love is not always the same in movies or books. They make it seem that finding the right person is effortless.

In reality, the process of meeting “the one” can be very complex. You are probably wondering- Is she the right woman for me? How can I know if I am truly in love? Truth be told, it can be difficult to know whether you are in love with the woman met during online dating.

In this article, we will look at probable signs that you are in love.

1.You Always Think About Them

One obvious sign that you are in love is when you keep thinking about them. You keep thinking about them even when you are not together. While this is normal during the start of a relationship, it can be a solid sign if you still think about them even after knowing each other for a long time.

2.You Do Not Feel Pain

This means that you do not experience any physical pain. According to studies, love is a bit of medication, and being extremely in love can relieve pain. 

A New York Times article published a study conducted at Stanford University determined that there is a big connection between love and pain. After they observed the brains of 15 college students who said to be in love, it was found that their response to pain was a little delayed.

They also checked the participants’ pain responses to various situations. They found out that when they looked at the photo of someone they like and a little bit of heat was placed on their palms, they were less prone to experiencing intense pain. Therefore, if you bump into a wall or hit your toe while thinking about the girl you like, you should not be surprised if you feel okay. 

3.You Fully Accept Her

One way to know that you are in love is when you accept the girl you like. Just like anyone else, the girl you like has her faults and weaknesses. Nonetheless, her habits or quirks should not hinder you from falling in love with her.

You have to see her as a whole and that includes all the things that might bother you. If you can unconditionally accept all of that, you are likely in love. 

4.You Don’t Mind Compromising For Them

If you find yourself compromising especially when it comes to things that you love, then you are most probably in love. When you love a girl, you will most likely find yourself making little compromises just to make her happy.

For instance, you will occasionally ditch your favorite game to spend more time with her. Of course, you should also be considerate so as not to neglect your most important activities as this can affect others parts of your life.

5.They are Part of Your Future

A woman that you are in love with will most likely be a part of your future plans and conversations. You will factor them in both your current and future plans and you don’t have to think about it twice. So, if you have an upcoming event and they come to your mind as your partner, think no more! You are in love.

6.You Feel Addicted

It may sound very dramatic, but there is truth to this. When you fall in love or throughout the period you are in love, you may feel like you are high on drugs. You want to be with that person again even though you just saw each other.

In a 2010 study done at Rutgers University, falling in love can give the very same feeling of feeling high. That is because the brain makes you feel euphoric during the time you are in love. It also helps make the relationship between you and the person you like stronger.  

7.You Become More Open To Trying New Things

Being interested in new things is not only limited to feeling new sensations. You also literally experience them. You are likely in love if you see yourself more interested in new experiences and ideas than before. If you are in love, you will be drawn more and more to the things that interest the person you like. Another good thing is everyone enjoys trying new hobbies. 

8.You Check Your Phone Most Of The Time

It is known that most people now are always using their phones. Nevertheless, when you are in love, you are more likely to reply faster to a message or answer a phone call for your crush or girlfriend. This is because you are looking forward to speaking to her and know how she is doing.

9.You are Always Delighted

Catching yourself constantly smiling is a sign that you are certifiably in love. You will always have a big smile on your face when you are together or when talking on the phone.


Finally, each person is different, so love is experienced differently. Therefore, the experience of falling in love might not be the same way for everyone. If you have experienced any of the above signs, you are most probably in love. Maybe it’s about time you make the step to take the woman you are in love out for a date and let them know your intentions.



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